Life is fast, your news should be too.


We're committed to arming you, the movers and shakers, with the knowledge to keep up with the world around you. 

We want to give you power. The power to make more informed life choices, the power to know where you stand on the world’s most important topics, and the power to inform others.  While excellent journalism and in-depth articles have their place, they're certainly not convenient for folks on-the-go.  Personally, we found ourselves unable to keep-up because of the time commitment required to stay up-to-date and well researched.  

Enter: The Informant.  
The Informant.'s daily news brief, Your Daily Intelligence, allows you to be quickly informed of today's top headlines and need-to-know information with links to great journalism and in-depth articles, incase you'd like to read deeper into a particular story.  Additionally, you'll have the option to tap into 'Agent Content' articles that will help you get caught up quickly on news topics that you're hearing a lot of noise around - Don't worry, we got you. 

The Informant. is about choice and ease of obtaining info.  It's about getting the news on your time, in your way.  
Think of us as a spy agency, giving you your daily dose of need-to-know info …without the self-destructing note.  

Life is fast, your news should be too.  Let us be your Informant.